A Tale of Two Hoards (2023)

Dir. Jack Bradley
Role: Sound Designer
5.1 Mix

In Britain, ancient treasure is being stolen in the dead of night. Those that steal it are known as ‘Nighthawks.’

John is a Landowner. Shane has been branded a Nighthawk.

This film chronicles the battle for the ownership of history




A versatile sound designer with the capacity to communicate through story and concept, and deliver a techically sophisticated and bespoke soundtrack.

I’ve just graduated from a Masters in Sound Design for Film at the National Film & Television School. The NFTS functions more as a studio than a school, and this has afforded me the opportunity to hone my work to a high standard, further my proficency on industry level equipment and applying my instinct for creative collaboration across a broad range of forms and genres.

I believe the soundtrack of a film can reach it’s highest potential when it’s role is developed throughout the process of each project. As such I am interested in collaborating at all stages of the film.